20 04 09 14 13 12 original 600x600 mask airsoft
20 04 09 14 13 12 original 600x600 mask airsoft

Airsoft Mask - Tactical

This face mask is protective AND stylish. The steel mesh eye covers can take a hit without jeopardizing the eyes. If you've ever taken a shot a close range to the bare skin, you'll instantly appreciate the coverage.

What we love:

  1. Very protective
  2. Steel mesh eye covers allow for great vision without risking the eyes
  3. Seeing this thing peering back at you during a game in the forest is plenty intimidating - giving a great advantage during the skirmish

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My son's friends love airsoft. We've found a section of forest where we can play all of the best games:

  • Capture the flag
  • All v all
  • Last man standing
  • Secret service
  • Rush
  • More

The group we play with is a "safety first" group of boys. We wear protective clothing, gloves neck covering, and eyewear. This mask adds a great deal of protection.

Nothing like seeing this thing peering out of a dark opening in the trees when it's close to dark. It makes you pause just long enough...


  • cover your whole body
  • don't shoot someone at close range
  • make strict safety rules to make sure no one is vulnerable when the game is in play
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