20 12 08 13 16 14 original 600x600 hanging skeletons
20 12 08 13 16 14 original 600x600 hanging skeletons

Hanging Grim Reaper Skeletons

Whether you have several bins of Halloween decorations or you’re looking for last minute Halloween ideas for GUYs, this set of three reaper skeletons is a must-have product for men.

After all, it doesn’t get much more manly than creepy Grim Reapers.

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Each of the three skeletons is a different color, and they measure about 3 feet tall. Their arms can be repositioned, so you can spook people with the arms out, zombie-style, or make it look like the skeletons are covering their own mouths.

Why we recommend it: Three hanging Grim Reaper skeletons = a seriously spooky Halloween vibe.

  • 3 scary skeleton hanging grim reapers with different colored dress, hair and size helps you create creepy and scary atmosphere for any Halloween events
  • Great Halloween Grim Reaper Decoration for Halloween themed Party, Indoor and Outdoor Decorations, or Haunted House Decoration! Hang from a tree, a window, or up the pathway that visitor will walkthrough
  • These Grim Reapers look scary featured with flowing robe and creepy skull heads, colored hair and hands. They are great Halloween props to surprise your friends
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