21 01 25 16 35 10 original 600x600 arc plasma waterproof lighter
21 01 25 16 35 10 original 600x600 arc plasma waterproof lighter

Arc Plasma Waterproof Lighter

An arc plasma lighter is the high-end option for fire starting. Having an instant flame to start a fire is so convenient. The sooner you can get warm or cook food the better. An electric arc plasma lighter also has a flashlight and emergency whistle. The waterproof lighter is rechargeable for extended use in an emergency.

What we love:

  • Reliable - Amazing ratings and review indicate great function
  • Instant - One click and you're in business with a sustainable flame
  • Quality Tested - Each lighter is rigorouslly tested in factory

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Starting fire for warmth and cooking is one of the primary outdoor survival priorities. Many fire starting methods require too much energy and time. Having an electric arc plasma lighter is the best option to get going quickly. The USB recharging function means you can use the lighter over and over.

The fact that the lighter is waterproof and windproof makes it perfect for survival. 

Tips and Recommendations

  • Be safe! - don't burn yourself and make your emergency worse
  • Keep away from kids - kids love fire but don't respect it - just ask the Scouts
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