20 03 25 21 11 37 original 600x600 knife ka bar
20 03 25 21 11 37 original 600x600 knife ka bar

Ka-Bar Tanto Knife

Tactical personnel often choose Ka-Bar knives as their tool of choice. The combat ready tanto shaped blade is proven for tactical situations. Ka-Bar is a trusted brand and its products are highly-rated.

What we love:

  1. Durable carbon steel structure
  2. The handle is easy to grip and hold
  3. Great length for a lot of applications
  4. Full tang
  5. The sheath is as good as any I've seen

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I have a friend who swears by Ka-Bar blades. I've handled his. He said it has held up in all sorts of situations. 

When handling his I noticed how ergonomic the handle felt. The knife felt balanced and had the right weight. It has a feeling of quality unlike some 'Rambo' knives I've handled.

Of Note: it has one of the highest ratings of a product we've seen on Amazon


  • The knife may not be razor sharp when it arrives - however, my friend says it's easy to sharpen and holds the edge.
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