20 01 15 17 08 26 original 600x600 portable speaker
20 01 15 17 08 26 original 600x600 portable speaker

JBL Bluetooth Speaker

We take our devices everywhere. Taking a quality portable speaker along is such a bonus when just hanging out. The JBL portable speaker is waterproof and holds up to the elements. Amazon has sold a TON of these with great reviews. Hard to pass up a great deal.

What we love:

  1. Great sound in a compact form factor
  2. Connects to nearly anything
  3. Waterproof - beach, here we come

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The problem with my portable speaker is that I never get to use it. My kids steal it at every chance. 

Everything is mobile now. The kids even play their tunes when we head to the hills on the ATVs. The portable speaker is their device of choice for sharing tunes away from home. The other night I walked out to the firepit and there they were goofing off with the music piped into the background.

The JBL portable speaker has all of the features you want without the weight of a larger speaker. It doubles as a speakerphone for calls as well. Just connect to the mobile device and the whole audience can hear.


  • if you only have one, hide it :)
  • get a rechargeable model
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