20 01 15 17 36 23 original 600x600 bath tray
20 01 15 17 36 23 original 600x600 bath tray

Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

For some of us, the soaker bath is the key to illusive relaxation. We like to read, watch media and have all of the creature comforts. Set this bathtub caddy up on your tub, draw the bath and relax.

What We Love:

  1. Bamboo is water repellent 
  2. Multiple slots for devices, soaps, drinks, etc
  3. Resizable
  4. Easy to stow

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Listening to music or watching a movie while you relax in the tub has become a common event with many GUYs. Portable devices provide all the media options you could want. 

Honestly, when I set this tub tray up for a long soaker I feel pretty spoiled. Some times I add a candle or some soaps just to complete the spa feel. 

Grab your favorite drink and device and kick back and relax!


  • It doesn't attach to the tub so be careful not to bump it
  • Gals will like it as much as the GUYs do
  • Consider dessert and a bath with your significant other
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