20 04 28 15 42 42 original 600x600 tube clock
20 04 28 15 42 42 original 600x600 tube clock

Tube Clock

This conversation starter is a very cool time piece. The tube clock is awesome for offices, living spaces, etc. Capture the attention of your guests. 

The woodwork is handsomely rustic and works with nearly any decor.

What we love:

  1. Unique
  2. Replaceable tubes
  3. Motion sensor 
  4. Great wood grains

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We like time pieces. We look for attractive, unique clocks for desks and tables. The Nixie tube clock looks great on a table or mantle. The wood grain matches most rooms.

Tube clocks are an old school device designed to grab your attention. This one contains modern components for accuracy and longevity.

We've researched several for a gift and the Nixie is the vintage clock with the best ratings.


  • great gift for GUYs who work behind a desk
  • have extra nixie tubes on hand
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