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20 03 12 18 51 51 original 600x600 pen

Ballpoint Pen

Every GUY needs a stylish pen for business or special occasions. I have one sitting on my executive desk ready for action. The Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen is stainless steel with chrome trim. It's durable and feels great in the hand.

3 Things We Love:

  1. Well-balanced
  2. Sturdy and stylish
  3. Refillable

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The Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen seems to work every time. No more scribbling in circles trying to get it to write. It just glides along as you write.

There are a ton of options for colors and styles. Some are all metal and some have color to match your office or suit.

Choose from 2 tips: ball point or gel. We like the gel point. 

There have been some reports of fakes on Amazon so doublecheck the 'sold by' and 'ships from' info.

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