19 11 09 12 35 03 original 600x600 red dot scope vortex
19 11 09 12 35 03 original 600x600 red dot scope vortex

Vortex Optics Strikefire II Red Dot Sights Scope

The Vortex Strikefire scopes are great scopes. They have all the features you expect and superb glass. While there are lighter tactical optics, it's a great fit for your AR-15 or other AR-style sport rifles.

What We Love:

  1. Adjustable dot (brightness and color) for day or night visibility
  2. Clear glass for clean view
  3. Elevation mount for typical sportsmans rifles
  4. Easy to sight in

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My crew loves to shoot. We hunt on occasion to fill the freezer and we target practice frequently. We have some friends who get together frequently for tactical training. They invite ex-military or police personelle and have them provide tactical drills to learn how to handle firearms and how to diffuse certain situations. They make it very challenging and educational. Great outings for GUYs who like guns.

The Vortex Strikefire red/green dot scope is easy to use. Flip up the lens covers and push a single button to turn on the dot and you're ready for action. 

Vortex makes a great series of scopes. 


  • get trained - knowing how to use a firearm properly adds a lot of safety when hunting or plinking, etc.
  • maintain the scope and firearm properly
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