19 11 01 15 15 45 original 600x600 leatherman wave
19 11 01 15 15 45 original 600x600 leatherman wave

Leatherman Wave

Yes We Own It, Can't Live Without It!

The Wave is tough, versatile and has just the right tool set. While we use the Leatherman Freestyle for our EDC, the Wave is our go-to for more challenging needs. 

What we love:

  1. Multiple cutting blades
  2. The saw
  3. Multiple driver bits
  4. Leatherman support and warranties


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The Wave is the most popular Leatherman product. They sell a ton of them. It's a surdy, versatile tool.

We've tested dozens of brands and tool combos but the Leatherman tends to be the most reliable and effective. I personally carry one in the truck and in my day pack for hiking, biking and other adventures. Admittedly, it gets left behind if I feel my EDC will do the job but I rely on it regularly.


  • train a bit with it before you need to use it - you don't want to hurt yourself because you don't know it's capabilities
  • the wire cutters aren't made for industrial use - they'll dull or break if used on fencing materials
  • while the tool is very handy, sometimes you should use a real tool - for example, sometimes you need an actual saw or a screw driver with the right size head. 

The Wave is a great emergency tool. If you have a bug-out bag that came with a cheap Swiss tool, get rid of the Swiss piece and replace it with the Wave.

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