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19 11 09 10 37 07 original 600x600 ax fiskars

Fiskars Axe

Polymer axes are so much better than wooden ones. You can split wood for hours. Most axes are heavy, don't hold an edge and are very bulky. You can swing a Fiskars over and over. It's light, sturdy, and holds an edge. 

A good splitting axe is a must in any men’s winter gear toolbox. Okay, maybe not any men’s, but definitely those GUYs who chop their own firewood or like to camp and hunt. 

What we love: 

  1. Light
  2. Balanced
  3. Durable
  4. No splinters
  5. Holds an edge

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We started with the Hatchet for backpacking. We love it! Growing up we used a wooden ax for our firewood. It was bulky, full of splinters, and eventually wore out quickly. We decided to test the Fiskars polymer product to see how it compared. I won't chop wood now without it.

The balance is great and it holds up really well.

This one from Fiskars is easy to use and feels natural in the hands, even for axe newbies. Its sturdy construction is virtually indestructible and the head won’t separate, no matter how much you use it. Plus, its extra-long 36” size is perfect for taller GUYs. 

Why we recommend it: This splitting axe is extremely well-constructed, relatively lightweight, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • wear protective gear
    • eyewear
    • sturdy boots
    • leather gloves
  • ensure your stance isn't compromised
  • follow the safety protocol
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