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19 11 01 15 14 54 original 600x600 first aid

First Aid Kit - Basic

Every auto and home needs a basic first aid kit. We have one of these for each of our cars as well as our day packs. We use a larger kit for home and car camping.

This kit covers all of the basic first aid needs. It contains antiseptic solutions as well as a number of bandages and survival gear.

What We Love:

  1. Easy to carry - fits most day packs
  2. Contains the essentials

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We have used our basic first aid kits on a number of occasions. Minor cuts, scrapes and dings require simple first aid - some times as much for the emotional recovery as the body repair. While the kit isn't suited for trauma or major events, it covers the simple stuff.


  • Get first aid training (Boy Scouts, fire departement/EMT, etc)
  • Get a trauma kit
  • Explore the kit when you get it an imagine using the items so that when an event occurs you don't waste valuable time trying to figure out what resources you have
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