20 04 17 19 45 03 original 600x600 games jenga
20 04 17 19 45 03 original 600x600 games jenga


Jenga is such a classic game! Our kids love playing when they're rowdy. Games don't usually last long.

The block stacking game is a must have for the game closet. it's a great game for winter days, game night or pandemic quarantine.

What we love:

  1. The final moment
  2. Heckling the block puller
  3. Blowing lightly

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The 54 Jenga blocks make such a great challenge. Sometimes it's more about the structure building properties than it is about the actual game.

The kids love the final moment when the weakened structure comes crashing down.

GUYS with kids will love this game.


  • Start with 1 block and require players to add blocks on top instead of pulling from the stack - how high can the new stack get before it crashes?
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