20 04 17 19 36 34 original 600x600 game uno
20 04 17 19 36 34 original 600x600 game uno

UNO Card Game

UNO has just enough chance to keep the playing field even for everyone. Grab a deck for family and friends. It's a go-to for our kids.

What we love:

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Yelling the word "UNO!"
  3. Playing "pile-on"

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When the kids are cooped up inside we go to UNO or another similar card game. UNO is easy to learn and winnable by anyone. 

The rules are easy to alter for different gameplay - just make sure everyone agrees before the cards are dealt. :)

The cool thing about UNO is that there are a number of non-numerical cards (skip, reverse, draws, etc) that can really mess up your opponents. 


  • consider playing 'pile-on' - it's where you can play a draw-two or draw-four after another player so the following player has to draw a cummulative number of cards. We recently had a player draw 16 cards and we all laughed at their ill-fated luck. :)
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