19 11 09 13 24 35 original 600x600 leatherman freestyle
19 11 09 13 24 35 original 600x600 leatherman freestyle

Leatherman Freestyle Multitool

For years I carried multitools with many tools. I found that 90% of the time all I needed is a great knife and a pair of stronger fingers. The Leatherman Freestyle covers 90% of the most common every day tool needs. Of course I have other multitools and toolkits in my truck, emergency kits, garage, etc. However, for the day-to-day, the Freestyle gets the job done.

What We Love:

  1. Covers 90% of daily EDC needs
  2. Sturdy and light weight
  3. Leatherman warranty
  4. The serrated edge holds an edge for a long time

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I lead a VERY active lifestyle. I'm outdoors a lot. My EDC gear is very important because I use it all the time. 

We've tried multitools from a dozen brands in more than a dozen formats and tool groups. We've found that 90% of the time you only need the knife and pliers. How often do you really need a fish scaler? or an awl punch? or how often does the screw driver bit actually fit the screw you're working on? Not often enough to justify the extra weight for an EDC tool. There are times you'll need more tools but you usually aren't carrying the larger multitool in your pocket. For example, you might carry the Leatherman Wave but in a backpack or truck console.

Some professions may require more options in a multitool but most GUYs have basic EDC needs. The Freestyle's weight is perfect - you don't feel the tool in your pocket until you need it.


  • keep the blade sharp
  • untie knots with pliers instead of your fingers
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