20 10 19 17 34 22 original 600x600 multi function shovel
20 10 19 17 34 22 original 600x600 multi function shovel

Multi-Function Shovel

Must have multi-function tool dedicated to preppers. You can carry one tool for nearly any outdoor situation.

What we love:

  1. Thicker handle than others
  2. Hatchet, hammer, shovel all in one
  3. Fishing spear?? How cool!

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This product is dedicated to light prepper sitations. It's not a heavy duty tools but would get someone through a bind in the outdoors.We've seen a lot of these tools and unfortunately they fail a lot because the handle and tools aren't rigid/durable enough. We wouldn't say this multi-tool can replace any single-function tool (i.e. dedicated shovel) but for its weight and price it could get a lot done in a pinch.


  • Don't abuse this tool - it's sturdy but not invincible
  • Great gift for a Boy Scout or youth who loves the outdoors.
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