21 01 25 16 33 40 original 600x600 hand saw
21 01 25 16 33 40 original 600x600 hand saw

Hand Saw

This sturdy hand saw is ideal for backpacking and outdoor adventures. It's durable, light weight and compact. At the same time, it is very effective. Great for sourcing firewood, building shelter, shaping camp furniture, shaping weapons for food or protection, etc.

What we love:

  • Energy Requirement - compared to whittling or chopping with an axe a hand saw 
  • Light Weight - this saw is about half the weight of a hatchet
  • Versatility - can be used for many outdoor functions
  • Locking - blade locks out for safety
  • Case - keeps saw dust and sap from getting on your other gear

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A quality, locking hand saw is necessity for outdoor survival. Trimming firewood and building shelter are only a couple of the common functions in a outdoor situation. While a hatchet is handy, it requires more energy than a sharp handsaw. 

We take ours camping and it gets used a lot. We recommend carrying one of these or a hatchet in your go-bag.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Safety - like any bladed tool, follow instructions and be safe
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