20 03 12 18 44 28 original 600x600 flashlight
20 03 12 18 44 28 original 600x600 flashlight

Tactical LED Flashlight

We bought a set of these a few years ago. They have held up beautifully. Hard to get such a great bang for the buck. They are bright, durable and handy. They get used a lot and hold up well, especially for the price.

3 Things We Love:

  1. Durable
  2. Plenty bright
  3. Size and shape feel great in the hand and are easy to pack

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The GearLight tactical flashlight has been pretty sturdy. Our family has used them a lot and they have held up well. We take them camping, keep them in the car and use them around the house.

They are lightweight and durable. The diffferent modes let you control the battery usage to some degree. 

We use the high or medium modes most. The flash mode gets a little annoying. 

They've been dropped, gotten wet and they've taken the abuse. If you buy one set and have kids you'll probably end up buying another set because they'll want one.

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