21 01 28 13 51 25 original 600x600 survival field knife
21 01 28 13 51 25 original 600x600 survival field knife

Fallkniven F1 Survival Knife

The Fallkniven F1 is the official knife issued to Swedish Air Force pilots since 1995. It is a high-quality fixed knife that is the perfect size and has a great fitting handle.

The fixed blade knife is a great field knife. The full-tang cobalt steal makes it sturdy and a great value. The Kraton handle is textured for limited slippage. It also comes with a quality sheath.

What we love:

  • Outdoor Fit - In the field this knife performs very well - it's balanced, holds a great edge.
  • Sturdy - The cobalt steel runs the length of the knife and has a thick spine and body.
  • Blade - The blade holds a great edge and sharpens easily with the stone or with a pull through tool. We also like the straight edge with no serrations.

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The Fallkniven F1 fixed blade, stainless steel, full tang knife with 3.8in drop point is a great field knife. It is highly rated and reviewed.

It is the official knife issued to Swedish Air Force pilots since 1995. A world standard was set with the F1 through attention to important details including technical design, ergonomics and economy. The Fallkniven F1 surpasses international standards for strength, personal security capabilities, and value for money. The Fallkniven F1 represents a philosophy with respect to knives for survival use. The F1 successfully combines the experience of generations of knife manufacturing with the most modern technology and forging.

This tool can tackle many outdoor activities. It can help you build shelter, prepare food, administer first aid, prepare fuel for burning, cut cordage, and so much more. It's just the right size to keep its weight minimized while providing the best function.

What's Included

  1. Single fixed blade (all straight), full tang knife
  2. Sturdy sheath

Tips and Recommendations

  • Use as intended - while the tool is sturdy, use it wisely. The blade work great as a blade but not so well as levers.
  • Be safe - all open blades are a liability. Cuts and other injuries may occur if you don't use it correctly.
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